Writing for Overseas Clients

quillsIf you run a business outside of the UK, where English isn’t the first language, you will probably have a website that’s been translated relatively locally, often by a translator who also doesn’t have English as a first language. This sometimes means the strength of your message is diluted and customers miss the point of your main selling message.

We will take your content and rewrite it for an English-speaking audience, using specific terms and idioms which it might take a lifetime for your local writer to learn. If you’d like us to, we’ll look after all your business correspondence too.

To find out more use our contact form to get in touch and we’ll offer you reduced rates for coming to us directly.


Many of us have come across websites and other marketing materials from businesses overseas, where the translated written English falls a little short of acceptable. Crimsonleaf has been writing for overseas websites since its inception, and now we want to involve you.

If you deal with on overseas business and recognise the need for a bit of “tidying up”, then there are ways in which we can help you too.

Finder’s Fee

If you can put us in touch with any company that needs a website rewriting then we will happily pay a finder’s fee of 15% of the total cost of the rewrite. With the average rewrite fee of £350, this could amount to a healthy £52.50 just for the referral.


The process of writing for overseas clients is straightforward. If you can pass us the name of the company’s webmaster (the guy who looks after the website) and one or two contact details, then we’ll do the rest. We’ll make contact having logged the potential client into a spreadsheet next to your name. When we invoice the client we’ll send you a copy of the invoice automatically, along with a separate calculation showing your expected commission. Lastly, the moment we get paid we make a bank transfer to your account, so make sure we have all your details.

Hopefully, by that time you’ll be forwarding another name.

As a final small task, can you rearrange these words into a well known phrase or saying: rope, old, money, for.

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