We’ve checked — this is the low end of low!

single web page £125.00
business letter £95.00
email (3) £150.00
press release £100.00
full page press ad £95.00
case study £110.00
social media profile £50.00
4 page A4 brochure £250.00
postcard £65.00
interview/profile £140.00

Discounts are available for large/repeat orders.



Proofreading is the simple process of reading a piece of writing and correcting any spelling or punctuation mistakes. We charge an hourly rate of £25, with a minimum billing period of one hour


Editing is a step up from proofreading, in that it may include a thorough overhaul of a piece of writing, including the deletion and adding of information to improve readability. It goes without saying that editing takes longer to do than proofreading, and we maintain our hourly rate of£25 with a minimum billing period of two hours.

writing services

We also offer a full article writing service, full details of which can be found on our sister website, crimsonleaf.co.uk. The link will open in a new tab. Please use the information on our other site for submission.

how to submit work

To submit any article for treatment please send it to paul@crimsonleaf.co.uk, clearly stating the service required. The article should be provided in Microsoft Word format, or the free, open source Open Office format. Open Office can be downloaded from here.

We endeavour to return completed proofreading and editing work with an invoice within 24 hours and we welcome prompt payment in return.