How to Set Up an Online Business

LACK OF PREPARATIONAlmost everyone has at some time wanted to be their own boss. No more nine to five, no more commuting, no more doing what you’re told. But is it that simple?

Over the course of the last few years we’ve been instrumental in helping people set up their first online business. We’ve chosen the same route we took, which is entirely free and online. But let’s be realistic:

  • it’s hard work
  • it requires “time sacrifice” and dedication
  • you get to choose which 18 hours a day you work

If you’re happy with all of that, and you realise that by following the rules above you’ll be master of your own destiny, then take a look at the package we’ve put together to help you set up an online business in the easiest possible way, and offering a substantial discount.

The package:

  • a professionally designed website, with fully optimised professionally written website content.
  • keyword research for your website.
  • keyword reports.
  • set up of social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn).
  • establishment of Google+ Authorship.
  • your first article, professionally written and published to Street Articles, the no. 1 article site.
  • a landing page to promote your main website.
  • ongoing telephone advice for 1 month after website launch

The total cost for these services as individual items is £1050.00. Our package discount price is just £900.00.

As a special concession, we will offer easy term at just £320.00 per month for three months (Total price £960.00)

Where social media accounts may already exist, we will discount the package at the rate of £20.00 per account.

To take advantage of this offer, please go here and fill in our contact form, send it to us and we’ll be in touch to discuss details. We aim to complete your set up within 21 days of engagement.