How to make money by writing articles

A well orchestrated campaign to boost your website’s visibility must include a variety of methods to bring visitors to your offering. One of the most successful methods is article marketing, and we’re frequently asked how to make money by writing articles.

Article marketing works on the simple idea of strategically placing articles relevant to your business in areas where they will be seen by your target market. Articles may include links to important pages on your website.

If the article is well written and positions you as an expert in your field, then you’ll hold the reader’s attention and encourage him to read more. We are well known for our ability to research your business and get under its skin very quickly. With a background in writing and simplifying documents for entities as diverse as Primary Healthcare Trusts, nuclear power stations and financial institutions, and with clients as diverse as chefs, accountants, management consultants and smartphone companies, we are well placed as experts ourselves.

We offer a full article marketing service and will place any article we’ve written on your behalf in places where they will get seen and drive traffic your way.

Each article costs £125.00, but a series of three articles is available for a package price of just £300.00.

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