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Rather than using free themes, why not design from scratch? Many professionals use specialist software to design WordPress themes. Our video introduces you to Artisteer website design software, one of the most effective pieces of web creation software on the market, and our software of choice.

Artisteer (website creation software)


uploading your finished artisteer theme


“Artisteer is without doubt the best and easiest to learn web theme design tool.”

Just click on the link or image below to find out more and to try Artisteer for yourself. For a one-off fee of $125.95 (about £82) you can own your own copy. This allows you to build an infinite number of infinitely different themes for yourself, colleagues and friends, turning you into an instant WordPress theme designer.

Even if you only ever build your own site, Artisteer will allow you to make any amount of changes to it, including seasonal changes and new layouts. Coupled with the awesome power and flexibility of WordPress you’ll never need a web designer again.

#1 WordPress Theme Generator. Instantly create great looking and professional WordPress Themes.

Artisteer - WordPress Theme Generator