What’s the best form of SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which simply means getting your website ready for people to find you through the search engines. The best form of SEO takes place in the writing itself.

Good quality writing incorporating chosen keywords in a readable format is the hallmark of a correctly written site. Professional website writing can make all the difference and high quality content is, as ever, king. Producing web content which is written to take advantage of Google’s Latent Semantic Indexing algorithm (LSI) will help your site reach top rankings. Whatever works for Google works for the other search engines too.

Google is constantly changing its algorithms to recognise the best content and has recently improved them to try to penalise or downgrade websites where  there have been attempts to manipulate the Google rankings through the use of excessive linking to third party sites or to overuse keywords to “game” the system.

Linking to your own social media streams (promoting offers, blogs etc) is far more acceptable, and far more likely to be genuine than having your own website linked to an unrelated site just to establish some form of link. Link building companies abound — mostly based overseas. Use them without due diligence and you may kill your reputation and your website rankings, or even find your website blocked completely.

In summary, Google in particular is looking for the following;

  • Well written content
  • Relevant content
  • Changing and additional content
  • Sharing of content on Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • Re-sharing of content by third parties.
  • Article Marketing.

We will happily research keywords and key-phrases for you and apply them to our writing in order to improve your search engine ranking. We can also review your website to ensure that all the “behind the scenes” work is complete and effective.

To further boost your online profile we can also provide and submit articles related to your business and designed to drive people to your website. To complete all you need we will link your pages to every major social media platform.

This is all good news for you. It means that the concept of paying £1,500 per month for external SEO services may be a thing of the past. Be active on the Net, write often (or get us to write articles for you) be yourself and engage!