Earn Money with a Blog…

The word “Blog” is shorthand for “Web Log”, a journal of news or activities open to the World Wide Web.

Although there is already a growing tide of personal bloggers, only recently have businesses seen the advantages of blogging news relating to their products, services or company changes. Blogging is YOUR way of keeping in touch with clients on a semi-formal basis. If you run a Twitter account then you should be Tweeting your blog regularly, and ensuring a stream of new information reaches your followers. The only way to earn money with a blog is to get people to read it!

For some, creating a blog post is just hard work. We’ll take the load from you and write bespoke blog posts (whatever your business) and will even upload them for you. If your website doesn’t currently have a blogging facility then we’ll build one for you. Please see our section on websites

If you currently don’t interact with your existing and prospective clients through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and your own website then we can also run a bespoke copywriting and marketing campaign for you too.

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