websitesRecently, at the annual San Francisco​ WordCamp, the creator of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg revealed some exciting facts about WordPress. He said, “We’re now up to 18.9 percent of the web running WordPress… We’re going to see the number of people who have WordPress as part of their daily habits grow exponentially.”

Digging behind the figures we discovered that somewhere around 66% of all WP websites or blogs are in English, and monthly pageviews have topped 4bn so far this year. Not only that, but 30% of people quizzed in an online survey conducted by WP Engine revealed an awareness of WordPress; pretty impressive for what was once a free blogging platform.

May 2013 saw WordPress’ 10th anniversary, and the project has gained favour year on year.

Much of the growth is down to the fact that no less than 15 mobile apps were rolled out by parent company Automattic in the last year. 18% of users access WP from an Android tablet, 30% from an Android smartphone and 31% from Apple’s iOS system. According to Mullenweg, mobile signups have tripled in the same period.

Inspired by success so far, WP Engine will soon launch to enhance the tools already available for the countless developers enamoured by the platform and who know how to make money on WordPress

All of which highlights the reasons why we are sold on WordPress as a platform for clients’ websites. Not only is WordPress flexible, it is always developing and growing, and so far everything has been available for free, other than privately developed themes.

We continue to offer WP sites here, and recommend the design software provided by Artisteer. Click here for a brief walkthrough video, then browse the site to learn how to make money on WordPress.

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