Can I make money from my website?

The answer is a resounding yes!

This is a question I hear a lot. I can’t think of an instance where the answer is “no”. So what websites make money, and can you make money without having any particular skills? Let’s look at some ideas:

I offer a service

writingpenThis is an example of a service based website. I offer writing services for businesses, writing and rewriting websites, case studies and other marketing collateral. If you have any skills that you’d like to get paid for, then you need a website. A couple of times a year you may find a copy of the Yellow Pages on your doorstep, delivered free. Have you noticed that it’s now much slimmer and smaller? Why do you think that might be?

The answer is that no one uses it any more. Over the last few years the marketing of Yellow Pages has got more and more aggressive. Anyone who runs a business will tell you of the number of telephone calls they get from directory sites has increased, and tactics have become more underhand. I’m not singling Yellow Pages out in particular, but the most prevalent answer to “where can I find a..?” is, “Google it!” and fewer people are turning to physical directories, meaning they’re harder to market to advertisers.

I only have a hobby

OK, what’s the hobby? Do you share it with anyone else? Most do.

Let’s say you collect old vinyl records. Maybe you buy specialist magazines and hunt for bargains in specialist shops. Maybe sometimes you see records that you already own, and maybe you can’t find what you’re looking for. With a well maintained website you can liaise with fellow enthusiasts, offer records for sale and deal with experts online.

What if you’re a keen gardener. How about offering regular gardening tips online? You can set up a free website in minutes¬†and not only provide help, but market gardening equipment. Try a site like Greenfingers¬†(other gardening affiliate websites are available) and open an affiliate account. Offer tools on your website and anyone who clicks through on your link can purchase directly from them and they’ll pay you a commission.

I’m interested in civil aviation. When I stop work completely I’ll build the mother of all civil aviation history websites. I’ll write articles, publish photographs, draw graphs. But I’ll also sell books, memorabilia and model planes. I’ll link to and host pictures of books on my site.

And I’ll get paid when somebody buys the book!

your next step…

If you have a hobby or business and you’d like to know how to market it online then leave a comment in the box below. I’ll give you some ideas in my reply. If you need help with writing the content then click here.

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4 thoughts on “

  1. Darlene Jones says:

    Hi again Paul. Many people don’t realize the potential of turning a hobby (or passion) into a business. I know I didn’t. I love the idea of sharing what I know with others and the fact I can help them in my own little way. I didn’t know I could do it through internet marketing. Helping people is great and getting paid to do so is definitely a perk.

    1. Paul Dean says:

      My whole business(es) started out that way. I was blogging for fun in the 90’s and I enjoyed writing. Being a bit OCD and mildly dyslexic, I studied to make sure I was doing it correctly. Then I saw the power of words, particularly in marketing. And talking about helping:

  2. Great post, Paul.

    When you really think about it, virtually every man and woman on the planet have something that they are proud of, that excites them, or that they are otherwise passionate about. Generally ispeaking, they would probably love to share it with others.

    What better way to share than with a free website. It’s just a matter of letting them know about Siterubrix.

    1. Paul Dean says:

      Thanks Josh.

      Now all we have to do is convince the world that there is such a thing as nothing for nothing!

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