I just thought I’d drop this in while I think of it:

Apart from our usual web content writing, Crimson Leaf has offered financial business copywriting service to Independent Financial Advisers for years and have even designed and built the websites. We’d like to help more. An IFA will need to know that the designer is fully aware of the issues in producing an IFA website, which will range from compliance issues through to product knowledge. In fact we know that IFAs often don’t upgrade their sites because of a shortage of sympathetic and knowledgeable designers/writers.

Speaking for myself I can offer IFAs 20 years as an independent adviser, and a further 10 years as somebody who has worked with IFAs as a marketing director dealing with websites, social media and seminars.

Give me a call on 01454 310752 or my mobile 07725 406684 to discuss how we might help. If you’d just like a quote then please go to our quotation page and fill in our simple form. We’ll get straight back to you.

Oh, and the cost can be spread over a couple of months if it helps.

Please ask us any questions you’d like to or leave a comment on the form below.

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